Home Automation



- Access Your Smart Home from Anywhere -

Upgrade your smart home with easy control and intelligent automation across all of your connected devices.

  • Fully Connected

    cctv assembles the information from all of your connected devices and enables them to work together seamlessly. Move from room to room, device to device with ease.

  • Location-Based Geo-Services

    Geo-devices gives you added automation that responds based on your location. Have your thermostat automatically adjust when you leave for work or get a reminder if you forget to arm the security system.

  • Easily Accesible

    Control and manage your home no matter where you are with an array of apps from varying devices. Not just for your smartphones or tablets anymore, you can also use Apple TV, Apple Watch, Amazon Fire TV, and Amazon Echo to stay in the know.

  • Connect Your Devices

    Connect and control your Amazon devices, Android devices, and Apple devices with ease. Syncing and integration is no longer an inconvenience.


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