Wellness Solutions For Independent Living

More and more people are choosing to take care of their aging banner_wellness imagefamily members in their homes. Wellness solutions for monitoring safety and activities are perfect for caregivers and families wishing to help their elderly loved ones live independently. Our wellness monitoring is a solution that provides a better standard of care for those wishing to keep a watchful eye on activities like time spent in bed, in the garden, or eating a meal. Our intelligent sensors learn and track daily activities, it can then identify any changes in routine that may be problematic.

Real-time alerts provide a safety net for a complete view of your loved one’s activities, safety and well being.  Our automated wellness products mean they do not have to remember to keep track of a button or take action. Simplification of routine tasks is administered with automation of the homes critical systems. Easy rules and schedules can allow you to control lights, thermostats, and locks.

24/7 Emergency Response

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  • Awareness

    Keep a watchful eye over your aging loved ones

  • Alerts

    Receive Alerts to changes in routine or in emergencies

  • Schedule Home Utilities

    Control lights, thermostats and locks with easy rules and schedules

  • Monitor

    Monitor Daily Activity Patterns

  • Secure & Safe

    Secure locks and guard against intrusions and solicitors.

  • Panic Pendants

    Wearable pendants can be synced to the wellness system allowing your family member to feel secure.

Wellness vs. Panic Pendant

How Do They Compare?

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