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Smarter Business Security

Make Harris Alarms Your Security Solution

Do these Problems Sound Familiar?

Late Open or Early Close

Access by Unauthorized Users

Access at Unauthorized Times

Wasted Energy

Forget to Close Up at Night

Can't Be on Location All the Time


Stay in the know with every event happening in your workplace with a customized automated security system from Harris Alarms. Reliable 24/7 coverage and monitoring of all areas of your business means you and your employees are protected from potential threats or loss of property. Electronic access control, high-quality video surveillance and remote monitoring allow for maximum control of your most important assets. Whether you are a small business, retail operation or corporation we have solutions to fit all of your needs. Call today to speak with a Harris Alarms professional about your many options for a more secure business today!


Make Decisions with Actionable Business Insights

  • Maximize staffing efficiency with Activity Reporting
    • Easily understand when your busiest hours are
    • Quickly track the impact of promotions on customer traffic
  • Simply set up you office hours to receive a notification if employees are arriving late or leaving early
  • Know who is coming and going at all times
  • Keep an eye on inventory and equipment
  • Protect employees and customers

Smarter Business Video Monitoring

Our range of commercial-grade video options flexibly addresses the unique video monitoring requirements of your business property. Get awareness like never before.

Control Business & Property Access

Assigned employee user codes can be easily added and removed so you know who’s coming and going from your business at all times. Smart locks allow you to open your business to anyone at any time.

Save Energy, Save Money

Reduce energy waste and save money with schedules to automatically adjust temperature and lighting. Smart thermostats and lights ensure your business is comfortable when it’s open and safe when it’s closed.

The Smartest Technology for Your Business

Always on Security and Awareness

  • Professionally Monitored Security

  • Remotely Disarm Your System in Case of False Alarm

  • Access and Control from Anywhere

  • Multi-Location Management

  • Real-Time Activity Alerts and Notifications

  • Remotely Manage Key Systems

  • Keep an Eye on Inventory and Equipment

  • Easily Control Employee Access

  • Protect Employees and Customers

  • Live and Recorded Video Monitoring

1000+ customers have put their trust in Harris Alarms, How about you?