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Doorbell camera – $199

(reg $249 – 25% off)         *additional monthly fee required, call for details

Z-Wave Keypad lock – $199

(reg $249 – 25% off)

Garage control hub –$149

(reg $199 – 34% off)


Smoke module – FREE

with a new install


Home & Business Automated Security Systems The SMART Way With Harris Alarms

Security Systems, Home Theater Design & Installation Services in Charlotte, North Carolina and Surrounding Areas is fully committed to providing a full range of integrative Fully Automated Home & Business Protection Solutions that provide exceptional performance in safety and protection for the people and things you cherish most in life. Enjoy a stress-free living or work environment with a cost-effective SMART Home or Business Security System featuring integrated remote access control, garage door control, both day and night vision video camera installation, highly efficient energy & thermostat management, 24/7 surveillance monitoring, remote key entry, and more. We also offer Custom Home Theater Design and Installation personalized for the perfect audio and video experience for your home.

Remote Security Cameras


Keep a Watchful Eye

Watch over your home or work areas from anywhere you are. With live streaming, you can view a videoof your home directly from your app-enabled mobile device. Easily check on your nanny or pets or employees while you are away from your home or business. You may record and view clips and receive video alerts of any unauthorized activity in your home.

Smart Home Energy Controls

smart thermostat image

Save Your Energy

Manage your home temperature and lighting automatically with automated schedules centered around your activities. Incorporating a security system featuring integrated lighting and thermostat monitoring you can set values centered around times you are away from home or in case of smoke or carbon monoxide. Get measured data on energy consumption allowing you to know where to adjust to save on your bill.

Property Access System


In Case You Forgot

Integrated connectivity allows you to control who can access your property and when. Key entry points like your Garage and doors can be remotely locked remotely from your mobile-enabled app. Not sure if you locked your door or closed the garage? No worries you will get a text alert that will notify you and you can simply close or lock them from the app. You may also assign a passcode for temporary access to your home.

Home Theater Systems


Enjoy a Movie

Enjoy entertaining family and friends with state of the art home technology. Home Theater integrated with IT networks allow for custom video and audio solutions tailored to your specific needs and desires. Intelligent home control devices are user-friendly for any family member. Put an end to the need for several remotes to operate your devices. One device to operate them all.

Family First Means Everything

Family owned and operated since 1998. We know the value of the most precious things in life. Protection of your home or business is something we know firsthand is of the utmost importance when you travel, go to work or lay your head down at night. We recommend securing your home with the finest security equipment available. At Harris Alarms your “Family Comes First” and we believe nothing should come between you and your loved one’s safety and protection. Our business believes in integrity and will always be pursuing the best technologies related to home and business security. We are licensed by the State of North Carolina in General Contracting. We work hard to earn your trust and we believe it is extremely important to be certified to make changes to the structure of your home or business. At Harris Alarms we appreciate your business and care about your concerns. We look forward to sharing all we have to offer for your security or home theater project.

Expert Installation & Monitoring

SMART Home & Business Integrated Systems


Complete Security System & Home Theater Installation

Professional and friendly expert technicians dedicated to installing your security system to provide exceptional performance.

Remote Control Access

Control any SMART integration from your app-enabled mobile device. Never wonder if you have forgotten to turn off the lights. The control is in your hand wherever you are.

Live Video Monitoring

Clear, precision video with incredible low light vision makes for easy identification of potential intruders or family members. Incorporating the finest state of the art security equipment available in the industry makes identification fast and easy and quickly allows you to respond accordingly. View in real time or record for playback at any time.

Providing Mooresville, Lake Norman, and Charlotte

Total Home Entertainment

From a smart TV and soundbar to a home cinema with a projector, ambient light rejector projection screen, and in-ceiling speakers, no room is too big or small for Harris Alarms. Free in-home consultation with estimate. Call us today!

Innovative Security Products

for Home and Business

Harris Alarms is committed to providing innovative and proven security products to aid in the protection management of your home or business. Our products allow for complete technological integration of your smart device with state of the art security systems products to serve as a remote connection for many of the most important security benefits available for your home. You can monitor who enters your home and when. Our security platform automates, monitors and protects your home or business from all unauthorized activity from anywhere you are. Security is not the only thing you can control from your device. Energy management allows you to monitor and control your thermostat and lighting while you are away and wellness monitoring can allow caregivers access to connect with aging family members living independently and can monitor changes in sleeping, activity, eating, bathroom visits, medication adherence, and emergency situations. From wireless smoke detectors, remote locks and garage door controls to appliance modules, remote control thermostats, 3 and 4-way light switches or panic buttons you can be assured we have the finest selection of security management devices in the industry to make your home or business secure 24/7. We also offer custom home theater planning, design, and installation with products offered by the worlds top manufacturers of audio-video equipment for any room in your household and outdoor spaces like your patio or lanai. Call us today for your quote to secure your home.

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