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Fully Integrated Home Theater System Designs

They grow up so fast. Family time is oh-so-important and what better way to bond with the people you love than around the TV. Integrated Custom Home Theater Solutions can make your time spent with kids and entertaining neighbors an even more incredible experience. Whether wishing to transform your living room, patio, playroom or basement into an entertainment mecca, Harris Alarms allows you to custom design any room into the ultimate sound and video experience. Watch that action movie you missed at the theater or listen to your favorite music from your new high tech fully automated and integrated entertainment system. Our top designers listen to your ideas and help you conceptualize what will work best with your space and help you to build a strategy that makes your home theater system affordable and tailored to your specific needs. Call us today and speak to one of our Home Theater Designers today! Be on your way to the video and audio experience that makes your dreams come true.


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The first stage in the process of creating the perfect home theater is the selection of a fully licensed contractor to help you to work through the build out and planning process that may be associated with your system. Harris Alarms is certified by the State of North Carolina for this specific purpose. We meet with you to learn about your vision for your project and then work together with you listening to your ideas and make suggestions that help build a solid plan to meet the goals and vision that you have for your home theater concept.



This part of the process includes the actual visualization of your project becoming a reality. Our designers will be working with you to provide help in choosing the right screen size for your room, acoustic layout and assisting you with selecting audio-video equipment from a list of top manufacturers known throughout the world. Prior to your install, we plan out the timeline for your project and again solidify that your system is exactly what you have in mind. No hidden surprises.



Now that the planning process is complete our expert technicians will be working together with our lead project supervisor to complete all of the necessary work in the development of your new home theater. This is when you get to see the finalization of your dream project. We test and monitor each part of your system to be failproof. Expert screen calibration is employed to give you the best visual experience possible. We then educate you on how to operate, adjust and care for your new entertainment system.


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